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Virtual Real Estate Assistants



Our CEO Bill Coughlin

"The Brain"

Bill Coughlin our CEO has been in Real Estate since 1982 and it took him just a few months realize that Direct-In-Front-Of-Clients Time was the highest paying job he ever had. Bill challenges all Realtors to know how much they earn an hour for direct personal time with a Buyer or a Seller? When agents realize that they can do 3 appointments a day instead of spending the same day just doing paperwork they see the light. So Bill has now helped over 7,500 TOP Realtors with Virtual Real Estate Assistants support so they become more efficient, make more money,  recover family time, rebuild health and have more personal time work on their life purpose.





Minal Shah


Minal has been with our company as Bill's Personal Assistant for the last 8 years. She lives in Mumbai India and is a Dedicated Core member of the team and with Minal's Economical and Business Analytics degree, everything is excellence!

MInal sets "The High Standard" for dedicated Virtual Real Estate Assistant's work ethics.




"Virtual Educator Expert"

Ling comes with years of "Virtual Educational" and is instrumental in designing our Advanced Skill Building and Certification Programs.She is our Mandarin and Cantonese translator and offers deep insight into the Chinese culture.

With so much Chinese Investment in North America, Ling is a critical consultant to Virtual Real Estate Assistant's Business Development.





"Operations, Marketing and Analysis Expert"

Brenda is an Innovative Customer Service Lead/Assistant and a competent Sales Representative who effectively executes process changes in improving Customer Satisfaction and increase operational efficiency generating sales. Brenda, with 11 years of experience in the BPO (Business process outsourcing), is results-oriented and very much willing to help others at all times to increase individual/company success. She also has an excellent record of managing a wide variety of customer service issues and had knowledge and experience presenting data and results to upper management and to clients.






Marty is a software tech savvy and is also a graduate of Electronics Communication Engineer. He has successfully designed, developed, and supported live use applications and strive for continued excellence that contributes to exceptional customer experience.  He's been an outstanding Virtual Assistant at Real Estate Virtual Assistants working on listings, Lead Generation, Variety of Data Extracting and different CRMs.​ Marty has a proven ability to support and meet the company’s business objectives and to successfully manage all phases of Projects assigned to him from needs analysis and requirements, to implementation, and training.





"Vision to Help Build Life Time Careers"

A Skilled Manager for 12 years with expertise in leading direct reports as well as collaborating with cross-functional teams, and managing a product line from cradle to grave. Pioneered 2 Start-Up Accounts from her previous job where she was an Operations Manager and cared for the Clients business needs; from setting up the processes, recruitment, to making executive and critical business decisions. This same company increased employee deployment from 50 to 10,000 head count.






Stewart Goodin

"Computer Genius"

Stewart comes with 35 years as THE Expert Computers Maintenance guy, From the IBM 36 years he has designed and implemented more computers for Real Estate offices and Agents than probably other person worldwide. Stewart works both on-site or virtually.




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Our Team receive obligatory weekly education,support for new program sand are building expertise in new developments s they happen.



Real Time Virtual Assistant (RTVA) is a registered virtual assistant services company that provides the Top Virtual Assistants Service in the highly competitive outsourcing service industry not only in Canada, but also in the global market.

We achieve our goal of providing the


"Highest Quality Virtual Assistants in the Most Secure Environment".

We secure the highest standard and well positioned office facility in Abbotsford, Canada where

we intend coordinating all our Highly Trained Virtual Assistants from all over the world. 



Mission, Vision and Core Values Statement


Our mission is to provide Professional, Well-Trained and Highly Creative Real Time Virtual Assistant

that will assist all businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations in achieving their business goals.

Our company want to build a Virtual Assistant Services Company that can answers 

"Earn More, Work Less with Virtual Assistants".  

In Real Estate Industry, lead generation, lead conversation and business support are critical to the business success. 

Hiring Virtual Assistants can make a Realtor earn more, work less and enjoy life and focus on what they do best. 


At Real Time Virtual Assistant, our client's best interest come first, and everything we do are guided by our values and

professional ethics.  We ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by meeting our client's needs

precisely and completely.  We cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning

a living, and living in our world, for the Management, for our Real Time Virtual Assistants and for our clients.



Executive Message


I, Bill Coughlin have been in Real Estate since 1982 and it took me just a few months realize

that Direct-In-Front-Of-Clients time was the highest paying job ever.

Do you know how much you earn an hour for direct personal time with a Buyer or a Seller?

Well I have done the math, and it is over $1,000 per hour!

So when you or I spend all day doing paper work, we are NOT calling and visiting customers,

we are LOSING that $1,000 dollars per hour. Think about it, if you can do 3 appointments a day or spend the same day

just on paperwork, then which one actually makes money. If you can hire a virtual assistant to do the paper work,

heck they will probably even do a better job than you would do. :)


Do what you do Best and spend all working hours in front of customers!


I myself,  built out the Company "Most Referred Realtors" and it was this company that has helped 7,500 TOP Realtors

FOCUS on working their highest business return hours.

Well, in 1982 I hired my first Virtual Assistants and 322 Virtual Assistants later,

 I have helped a lot of Agents Maximize their company Bottom-Line.

It's time you start delegating those time wasting tasks! Your dedicated Real Estate Virtual Assistant can sort them,

prioritize them and help you delegate them. By outsourcing your team’s least profitable tasks,

you’ll save money and time allowing you to achieve a better life balance!




                                                                                                        Bill Coughlin

                                                                                                   CEO Real Time Virtual Assistants




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