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Virtual Real Estate Assistants

Do what you do Best! ... and Delegate the Rest!


WHY Virtual Real Estate Assistants


What secret weapon do 7,500 of the Top Real Estate Agents in Canada

and United States have in Common?  They have all learned to DELEGATE!  

Yes, they have delegated time-sucking-tasks by using our Virtual Real Estate Assistants!


- CEO Bill Coughlin  


Highly-Trained Virtual Assistants


Real Time Virtual Assistants is built on the concept of seeking out the Top Experts in their field. Our Virtual Real Estate Assistants  work as a "Team of Experts" and are all able to offer clients a wide range of technical skills.

For example, all elements of Real Estate Management, including managing listings, qualifying and converting leads to sales, transaction management, graphic design,website building, and market research skills.  Our Team receive obligatory weekly education, support for new programs and are building expertise in new developments.  We take the responsibility to the Agent from build-up the skills set before they employed through our extreme trainings. Skills of Virtual Real Estate Assistants





Project Management


We have a competent Project Manager that read, received and verified full tracking and version control.  It helps the Virtual Assistant and Agent to collaborate well in any activities, working side-by-side. We also practice workstation support team for maximum productivity of a Virtual Assistant.  Therefore, no isolated Virtual Real Estate Assistants  in the work team because they are properly guided by Project Managers and Team Leaders who monitored closely the production.  Our team support system is far apart from the standard, we team view any Virtual Assistant and support them, anytime.  Looking on what they are doing while watching on what I am teaching makes collaboration team support of our Virtual Assistants effective in all aspects that guaranteed maximum productivity of all tasks.




Security and Accountability

"Highest Standard"

When clients delegate tasks, our Real Estate Virtual Assistants operate in Real Time and get the job done on time. We hold the Highest Standard of Accountability and Security with our extensive training and our Most-Advanced-Time-Tracking software that reports your Virtual Assistants action every 10 minutes. We provide some of the best staff benefits for full time attendance to set dependability records from our Virtual Real Estate Assistants .  Our extreme security is far apart from the standard, we team view any Virtual Real Estate Assistants to monitor and guarantee maximum productivity. Security of Virtual Real Estate Assistants






All Works are LOCAL

"Super Secure"

When clients give us tasks, 
our Virtual Assistants work LOCALLY  on their own Twin Computer
right beside the Real Estate Agents work station 

"No Data leaves the Agents Office" 

This security is unparalleled in the Real Estate VA Industry!

Virtual Real Estate Assistants Business Work Station 

Real Time Support


Put your Virtual Assistant right on your ear for all working hours! From now on, when you go anywhere, it is as if your Virtual Assistant is right there with you, at the meetings, in the car, showing homes and doing presentations. When you are talking to a client or anyone, you can instantly request from your Virtual Real Estate Assistants ; documents, texting or new phone connections instantly! Their is NO need to call your Assistant, as she is always right there participating in your meeting!  She is a whisper or a note on your tablet or phone call away.  

When you are driving, it is just like your Assistant is sitting right beside you, but this is much better! Because now, she has the computer and your management pages, all open and ready to work. I even have my Virtual Assistants map out all the address of my home tour on my GPS as I drive. I do not need to do anything but focus on my driving.


Competent Real Estate Virtual Assistants


Our dedicated Virtual Real Estate Assistants go through rigorous hiring process. We only recruit Professional Virtual Assistant with Bachelor or Master Degree that are passionate about service and building a long term career. All of our Virtual Real Estate Assistants use our advanced project manager software that build a "True Collaboration Environment".

Our Virtual Real Estate Assistants Company Policy requires weekly educational updates, so we stay the leading edge and produce strong, committed and competent Real Estate Assistants.
 Continual Education of Virtual Real Estate Assistants






"On-Hand Expert"

We can guarantee the personal leadership of a 34 years veteran. 

Bill Coughlin is still very very active in the industry and he is hands-on in sharing his expertise in Virtual Assistants to guarantee maximum  skills and productivity of each certified Virtual Real Estate Assistant.
Bills brings that wealth of Hands-On,  In-The-Trenches experiences in Real Estate Industry.  




"When you hire a Virtual Real Estate Assistant , 
you are
actually hiring the expertise and support of the Whole Team!"

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