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Virtual Real Estate Assistants



Virtual Real Estate Assistants will be using their competitive edge of a wide range of skills to their fullest.  To the more menial tasks, Virtual Real Estate Assistants  offers a wide range of more technical skills such as a proficiency with Project Management for Real Estate issues, graphic design with skill in both Photoshop and Corel Pro, and well-honored marketing and research skills. Our Team Leader Support means that all Virtual Assistant's are getting continual obligatory weekly education, support for new programs and, expert support in skills that they may not possess such as graphic design.






Real Time Phone Support 

Handling all incoming and outgoing text messages and phone calls by VOIP; Prioritize phone calls, handle in most cases and notify important callbacks by Virtual Real Estate Assistants at anytime, anywhere at your convenience.​​







Local Documentation Process

Dedicated Virtual Real Estate Assistants work side-by-side and so that they can share  knowledge and learn on your behalf. The whole process maintained in your own office in Canada only "Nothing Leaves Your Local Computer" 









The ​Virtual Real Estate Assistants  Team works in secure offices using its own Information Technology System with complete security processes in place. Each Virtual Real Estate Assistants is provided with secured coporate computer for all communications and Agents office operations.







Team-based approach with Backup VA's and Continuity Operation Management

Maintain high quality of productivity, without any interruption.

Our dedicated Virtual Real Estate Assistants  go through a rigorous hiring process.

We only recruit Professional virtual assistant with Bachelor or Master degree that are passionate about doing a good job​ . We provide complete verified documentation attaching live screen shots of all work logs and detailed summary VA's work.





Common Tasks Delegated to Our Virtual Real Estate Assistants 




Manage the Listings

Do the listing submissions, the photo enhancements and virtual tours;
Build out your listing  webpages;
Manage your Realtor showings, and follow ups;
Do client follow up with sellers reports;
Do the market data research and create market reports





Manage the Buyers Process

Qualify the Buyer's Lead;
Setup the Buyer's searches;
Create and Schedule the Showing Events;
Create the Preliminary Sales Contract 






Transaction Management

Office paperwork and Commission confirmations;
Organize the inspections, appointments;
Organize the legal work, and possession






General Marketing

Social Media and marketing websites: create, blog and post content;
SUCH as Client Newsletters, Just Sold cards, Property Feature Flyers;
Create, manage and maintain your email marketing, email lists, and subscribers




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